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Fintech Researcher
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Hello! I’m Meaghan and I help banks, fintechs and company builders create innovative digital customer experiences by providing deep insights that explore the competitor landscape, customer nuances and technology trends.

I am a fintech generalist and have launched research platforms, designed mobile customer experiences, conducted customer testing, facilitated bank and fintech partnerships and demystified emerging technologies for banks.

I have eight years experience in the London and Berlin digital financial services sector and I have worked with over 30 financial service companies globally.



and Consulting

Whether it be helping you understand your competitors' digital journeys, providing inspiration of digital best practices, identifying fintechs of strategic interest, or exploring the potential of emerging technology such as blockchain and decentralised marketplaces, I can quickly produce deliverables to meet your business requirements. My research is consultative in nature, as I work to understand the implication for you, your team and the business.


I support startups, banks and company builders in the early stages of product development. This includes facilitating ideation workshops, showing best practice journeys from leading brands, and microsite creation and customer testing (ethnography, depth interviews, focus groups and surveys). I have created and launched end to end mobile customer experiences in both fiat and crypto banking, including wireframing, storyboarding and customer testing.


I keynote and moderate events around the world. My recent keynote speeches include:

Fintech Matters Summit 2018 (Vienna, Austria)

“Evolving Ecosystems: The changing relationship between banks and fintechs”

EFMA 46th World Congress: Digital Transformation (Lisbon, Portugal)


Fintech Matters and Finance Innovate: Connecting the European FinTech Ecosystems (Bergen, Norway)

“Exceptional Customer Experiences”

CR2 Digital Banking Conference 2018 (Dubai, UAE)

“The Importance of Mobile: What does an exceptional customer experience look like and how can we achieve this?”

API Days 2017 (Berlin, Germany)

“Winning customer journeys: Who has already capitalised on open banking and what does this mean for customers?”


I tap into my global network of fintechs, experts and accelerators to curate fintech tours. These tours are typically targeted towards banking or corporate executives who are looking to meet fellow bankers to gain inspiration, meet fintechs of strategic interest and understand why certain cities are hubs in digital financial services.


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